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See (No) Evil

See (No) EvilI am writing a new story and I decided to make a picture for it so here it is. I dont kno how to upload stories on here yet cuz i am still learning but i have uploaded the first chapter over on
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[1.] Real Name - Ashley
[2.] Like It? - No. Itz too common
[3.] Single or taken? - single
[5.] Male or Female? - female
[6.] Elementary School? - I went to a few. lolz
[7.] Middle School? – Westlane Middle School
[8.] High School – North Central High School
[10.] Hair Color - Itz originally dirty blonde but i dyed it red nd underneath is dark brown
[11.] Eye Color – dark brown, almost black.
[12.] Hair Length- long with lotz of layerz. lolz
[13.] Current Worry? – my family
[14.] Weight – i want to lose weight. I miss my pre-baby body
[15.] Are You A Health Freak? - Hellz no
[16.] Height- 5'0 yes i am fun-sized
[17.] Do You Have A Crush On Someone? no one thats not a celebrity. lolz
[18.] Do You Like Yourself? –Sometimes
[19.] Any Piercings? – yup. my ears nd my lip
[20.] Any Tattoos? – Not yet
[21.] Righty or Lefty? -Righty
[22.] First Surgery? – none
[23.] First Piercings? - Ears
[24.] First Real Best Friend? – my best friend Ashley. We met in first grade and have been best friends ever since.
[25.] First Award? – i got a baseball trophy. lolz
[26.] First Sport?- baseball
[27.] First Pet?- a bird. I dont remember her name
[28.] First Vacation? - Florida
[29.] First Teacher? – I dont remember her name. i think it was Mrs. Shorta-something???
[30.] First Crush?: idk. I kno i had 2 bf's in the same time. Hahaha
[31.] First big birthday? – Never really had a BIG one.
[32.] Orange or Apple Juice? - Apple
[33.] Rock or Rap? - Rock
[34.] Country or screamo? - Screamo
[35.] N'Sync or Backstreet Boys? - Nsync
[36.] Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera? - Christina
[37.] Night or Day? - Night.
[38.] Sun or Moon? - Moon
[39.] TV or Internet? - Internet cuz i can watch tv on the internet. lolz
[40.] PlayStation or Xbox? - playstation cuz ive never had an xbox
[41.] Kiss or Hug? – It depends on who it is
[42.] Iguana or Turtle? - both. lolz
[43.] Spider or Bee? - Bring on the bees. Anything over spiders.
[44.] Fall or spring? - Spring
[45.] Limewire or iTunes? – i dont have either
[46.] Chocolate or Vanilla? - vanilla
[47.] Soccer or Baseball? – baseball.
[48.] Hot or Cold? - i'd rather be hot than cold.
[49.] Eating? – nothing
[50.] Drinking? – mountain dew
[51.] I'm about to? –Update
[52.] Listening to? – nothing
[53.] Plans for today? – nothing. itz too late now.
[54.] Waiting for? – My kid to go to sleep
[55.] Want Kids? – Yes
[56.] When? - i already have 1
[57.] Marriage? – no
[58.] When? – never
[59.] Where Do You Want To Live?- New York or LA
[60.] How Many Kids? – 2 or 3
[61.] Any Name on the Mind? – I already have Maribelle Maria. So if i have another girl her name will be Dex-Lynn Riley nd if i have a boy, he will be Riley Embry
[62.] What Did You Want To Be When You Were Little? – nothing
[65.] When Do You Want to Die? – When I'm satisfied with the life i've lived
[66.] Lips or Eyes? – Eyes.
[67.] Nice stomach or nice arms? – Both!
[68.] Hugging or Kissing? – kissing
69.] Shorter or Taller? – Taller
[70.] Tan Skinned or Light? - doesnt matter
[71.] Romantic or Spontaneous? – both
[72.] Dark or Light Hair? – Either will do
[73.] Muscular or Normal? - muscular
[74.] Hook-Up or Relationship? – depends on him
[75.] Similar To You or Different? – In the middle
[76.] Trouble maker or hesitant? – In the middle
[77.] Kissed A Stranger? - yes
[78.] Drank Bubbles? – no
[79.] Lost Glasses/ Contacts? – no
[80.] Climbed Up A Tree? – Yes. And i got stock. My cousin nd some guy had to climb up and save me, fireman style.
[81.] Broken Someone's Heart? – yes
[82.] Had your heart broken? – yes, but not because of breaking up or anything.
[83.] Ran away from home? - yes. I was gone for 2 weekz
[84.] Been Arrested? – Almost
[85.] Liked A Friend As More Than A Friend? – Yes
[86.] Yourself? – Sometimes
[87.] Miracles? – Sometimes
[88.] Love at First Sight - NO
[89.] Santa Claus? – No
[90.] Kissing On the First Date? - If it happens, it happens
[92.] God? – See, this is a question i have to explain cuz everyone thinks i dont believe in God. I DO believe in God, i am just EXTREMELY angry at him. So we are not on speaking terms.
[93.] Is There Someone You Want To Be With Right Now?- Yes
[94.] Do You Like Someone? – No
[95.] Received/Sent Text Message – My sister
[96.] Received Call – Mom
[97.] Call Made? - Mom
[98.] Comment on Facebook - Some guy i dont kno
[99.] Missed Call? - Mom
[100.] Person You Hung out with? Tabby
bam/ryan, dugera

We got struck by lightning!!!

So, i dont really kno how to do this, but i am trying it.

Ok, so, on Tuesday, January 17, 2012, it was like 6am. I had just gotten to sleep like an hour before, when i heard this huge EXPLOSION!!! When i opened my eyez it was dark, so i didnt get up cuz i thought we had just lost power or something. I then noticed tht i could hear a beeping noise and my sister's voice, then the beeping stopped, so i still didnt get up. But, then, i heard my mom scream "Theres a fire down here!" and i hopped up quick, dragging Maribelle (my daughter) with me and when i opened my bedroom door, it was full of smoke. I ran down the stairs and realized that the fire was in my mom's room, but then i heard my sister say that there was another fire in the living room. My brother in law was out there steadily pouring water on the fire (which when u think about it, was kinda stupid since it was an electrical fire), but he got it out but the house was still full of smoke, so we opened the front door. I handed Belle over to my mom to run upstairs to grab something (i cant for the life of me remember what) when i noticed smoke in my nephew's room and went in there and saw him still sleeping, so i screamed for my sister that he was still sleeping and that there was smoke in his room and she had to DRAG him out of bed cuz he wouldnt get up. We finally called the fire department (we didnt do it before cuz my bro in law told us not to). So i'm running around the house trying to gather all the stuff that i think we will need cuz i didnt kno how long it was gonna be before we were aloud back inside and i had to hurry cuz the fire department is right across the street. When i got out to the car where all the kids and my sister already were, i realized i had forgot Belle's bottles but it was too late to go back cuz the Firemen (HELLO!!) were already there. Once i closed the car door so Belle wouldnt fall out or anything, thats when i went into a full on panic attack and had to stand outside the car in the rain for like 5 minutes to calm myself down. So after that we were stuck in the car with 3 kids and a stinky ass dog for like half an hour before we could finally go bak inside, but we still had no power and after maintanance came we had power, but no tv or internet. I guess the lightning struck on the roof and went down to the cable box and zapped that so every tv that was hooked to a directv box got fried. Our internet got knocked out too. So we were just stuck sitting there. All of the outlets that the cable hooked to had burn marks all around them and mine was out of the wall. I'm surprised i didnt have a fire in there. But, so yea. Just had to share that terrifying experience with everyone now that i have my computer back.